Audi R8 – Suit & Tie

Audi’s second stab at the supercar pie is anything but placid.

Date Published: 19 Oct 2016
Audi R8

My first experience with the Audi R8 was way back in the year 2008. Back then, fresh off its global unveiling at the 2006 Paris Motor Show, it would be another 24 months before the four-ringed supercar would hit our shores. And when it did, it left such an impression on me that it became in-grained into my memory permanently.

You see, not only has Audi created a supercar for everyday practicality, it had the looks and performance to back it up as well. It did not hurt either that Audi had prior knowledge thanks to its stake in Lamborghini. While my time with the first generation R8 coupe was just several hours, it did provide enough insight into the inner workings and what it felt like to own one as a daily-driver.


Nothing looked quite like it nor did it prove to be too much to handle as an everyday means of transport. In short, it was one of the few supercars on the market then that made absolute sense – if you had deep pockets and wanted a sportscar that would not throw a fit every once in awhile.


Anyway, I had a lot more encounters with the R8; from doing laps around Sepang International Circuit in the R8 Spyder to riding shotgun in the R8 LMS car, Audi has certainly made a name for its very first supercar. So 10 years on, the German luxury marque is back with a completely all-new R8 developed from the ground up alongside the its LMS variant (the R8 shares 50% of its parts with its race equivalent).


Before you dismiss the new Audi R8 as a Lambo dressed up in a tuxedo; I would reckon its the Huracan that is an R8 decked out in Darth Vader’s garb. After all, this is the most outrageous, loudest Audi ever – its definitely a supercar alright – even when parked beside its brash Italian stablemate.

True, the Huracan might have hit the streets first, but the new R8 and Lambo were developed in parallel with Audi executing most of the engineering, while Lamborghini did the Huracan’s styling and tuned the Audi-built V10 and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The R8 on the other hand receives the best of Audi’s motorsports know-how.


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