Honda S2000 AP1 M&M Honda – Wide, Low and Brutal

9tro got to meet with Kyushu’s number one Honda specialist; M&M Honda, a shop dedicated exclusively to Honda cars!

Date Published: 28 Oct 2016
Honda S2000 AP1 M&M Honda

For a number of years now, wide body kits have been quite popular among both car enthusiasts and many tuners, for example, RWB, or Rocket Bunny, who specialize in them. M&M Honda have followed that trend and have come up with a several different options for the widely known Vtec powered cars.



M&M Honda, the company we visited this time, was founded in 1982 by two brothers and started out tuning cars such as the City R, CR-X and Civic, thus becoming a pioneer in tuning the ZC sport engine.


M&M Honda first joined One-make Racing with their EF3 customized with original parts produced “in-house”.



Eventually, the company came up with a complete line of aftermarket products exclusively dedicated to Honda cars and nowadays stands high on the totem pole in both quality and performance.



Today we got up close and personal with their very cool S2000 AP1 demo car which has received the complete package from the Fukuoka tuner and the end result is nothing short of stunning.


The wide fenders, in the nowadays super popular “bolt on” style, give the Honda a fantastic look. Some may argue that this kind of enhancement is nothing even close to new or original, and we might pretty well agree with that, but nevertheless, this aspect of the AP1 is simply amazing and the racey touch definitely matches the sporty character of the car.



In order to fill the massive fender arches, equally massive Work Wheels have been chosen and their center disks are painted in a bright orange bringing a nice contrast feature to the overall black vehicle.

Usually, with such a width increase, performance tends to decrease proportionally but according to Majima-San, their S2000 retained all its ability to go quick around a track or on a “touge” road. One thing is for sure though, on the move the car looks even better and it was a real pleasure shooting on the streets of Fukuoka.


M&M, since their creation, exclusively work on Honda vehicles and have developed a full range of products from exhausts to suspensions, brake components and aero parts. You can literally bring in a stock car to their workshop and then leave with a fully tuned and modified vehicle, amazing!

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