2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow – Introduction

In the lead-up to the fourth annual event, we take a look at what the Bilstein Roaming Roadshow is all about!

Date Published: 24 Oct 2016
2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow

Singapore – Bilstein’s first ever Roaming Roadshow in Singapore first started in 2013 after a brainstorming session with Mr. James Tan, Bilstein’s Singapore/Malaysia agent. The purpose then was to create a roaming roadshow to further promote the Bilstein brand in Singapore.




Spread out over a duration of between three to four days, the Bilstein Roaming Roadshow crew would visit numerous professional garages and reputable workshops strategically around the island. The roadshow would introduce and re-introduce Bilstein to workshop, garage owners as well as end consumers.


This would also create the opportunity to share Bilstein suspension proper installation procedures, tell-tale signs of abuse, wear and tear, plus other must-know details with both race engineers and workshop mechanics. To top it off, the Bilstein Roaming Roadshow would also give out hundreds of fender/bumper protectors, Bilstein t-shirts and stickers. Bilstein Acrylic poster boards were also displayed proudly at participating workshops and showrooms – effectively helping further product knowledge for current and potential customers.

2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow

2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow

This year, 2016, would mark the fourth installment of the highly successful Bilstein Roaming Roadshow, happening from the 24th to 26th of October, we spoke to Mr. James Tan earlier on his views of the roadshow.

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