2016 Singapore Bike Show 9tro Angels

In the lead-up to the 2016 Singapore Bike Show, we decided to have a chat with the girls at our Monster Energy X 9tro booth!

Date Published: 18 Aug 2016
2016 Singapore Bike Show 9tro Angels

Now we are pretty sure the four stunning beauties you see spread across this story should not be strangers to you our readers, especially in Singapore. For those still scratching their heads, may we introduce to you the Monster Energy x 9tro girls; Jessica Chen, Jacene Gu, Miki Ace and Gisselle Lim!

The four babes will be present at our Monster Energy X 9tro booths situated in Hall 4b of the Singapore Expo during the 2016 Singapore Bike Show happening this Saturday and Sunday! Though they might not be strangers to the car scene and various automotive-related events, we decided to have a quick chat with the girls about the main attraction this weekend – bikes!




9tro: Have you had any experiences with motorbikes?

Jessica (left side): Hmm… I rode a motorbike around an island in Indonesia called Senayang without a license. Well, I’m sure it’s not legal but kids much younger than me were also riding motorbikes around the island too. It was a very small island no bigger than Pulau Ubin and I did not see any buses, lorries or cars around either. So I guess bicycles and motorbikes were their only forms of transport. See how lucky we are…

It was a very relaxing and beautiful ‘kampong’ (Malay for village) atmosphere with clear blue seas in your backyard and everyday was a seafood feast – fresh and tasty! Time seemed to pass slowly there, and when night falls, the skies were filled with stars! The only problem was an extremely slow mobile network connection, that made surfing the Internet painfully slow.


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