Hello Nurse!

We catch up with veteran model and social media influencer, Naomi Liu for a quick chat.

Date Published: 16 Aug 2016
Hello Nurse

With just a little over four days before the 2016 Singapore Bike Show kicks-off, we caught up with Naomi Liu who will be at Race Flow International’s booth promoting their latest product – the Titan Bike Slider – a revolutionary system that allows you to easily move and store motorbikes without breaking a sweat!

Now, Naomi is certainly no stranger to the scene, having modelled in countless events, shows and more recently, a social media influencer with a massive number of followers. We caught up with the stunning beauty for a quick one-on-one session to find out more about her!




9tro: What inspired you to be a model plus how long have you been modelling?
Naomi: I used to be really skinny and my peers around me encouraged me to get into modelling, from there on, I’ve been modelling for about five years I guess.

9tro: If you were not a model, what other profession would you have considered and why?
Naomi: I would love to be a nurse to help people, which was my dream since childhood!

9tro: Describe your ideal guy.
Naomi: Personality over anything else! He must have a good heart, be humorous and filial As long as the feeling is right, he’s the right guy!




9tro: Dietary likes and dislikes?
Naomi: I love local delicacies and Japanese sashimi. As for dislikes, I detest vegetables, and yes I don’t eat them!

9tro: Tell us something wacky about yourself.
Naomi: I literally experienced ‘Hangover’ movie-moment in Hong Kong with my girlfriends! I lost my passport, ID, cash, credit cards, etc. I even got lost! But it was one of my fondest memories.

9tro: What’s the creepiest thing a guy has done to try to impress you?
Naomi: There was this guy who followed me from place to place and ended up blocking my way when I was about to drive my car home. In the end I had to call a guy-friend for help! It was really annoying!




9tro: What do you normally do during your free time?
Naomi: I would go food hunting as I am forever hungry! *(laughs)

9tro: What’s your favourite vehicle?
Naomi: I like my white BMW 5-Series as its spacious and safe.

9tro: What is your favourite feature about yourself?
Naomi: My eyes, which I inherited from! Lucky me!

9tro: What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
Naomi: I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff. Let’s see, I fed my ex-boyfriend and his buddy Viagra and took video of their ‘special’ behaviour! Then there was another time I played with five hamsters and took a video of them copulating.*(laughs)

9tro: If you could be anything you wanted to be, what or what would it be?
Naomi: I still wanna be myself!

Catch Naomi Liu at the Race Flow International Booth with the Titan Bike Slider during the 2016 Singapore Bike Show happening from the 20th to 21st August 2016!