DMC Huracan LP1088 E-GT Spyder

Date Published: 21 Oct 2016


Luxury refiner DMC is developing their Lamborghini kits faster than ever these days. They left the competition far behind by launching their Limited Edition LP1088 recently, and are now proud to show the even rarer DMC Huracan Edizione-GT Spyder version:


The DMC LP1088 once again puts the reference among Huracan projects. It features a full body package that is so aggressive – it could send chills down the spine of people… when she appears in your rear view mirror, you instinctively move out of the way on the Autobahn.


The DMC bumpers, both front and rear, completely replace the original Huracán units. This way you can convert your car back to factory look at any time, an exclusive feature only offered by DMC. Along the profile we find the beautiful DMC side skirts. Together with the rear diffuser they not only look stunning but support an improved road handling as well.


And let’s not forget one of the most beautiful rear wings ever to be offered for the Lamborghini Huracán: DMC created a German TUV certified spoiler, as an homage to the old Countach. But in contrast to the 1982 original, it’s actually functional!

Adjust it in three angles: GT Mode, Cruise Mode and Fun Mode. They even supply a 10 page Wind-Tunnel and CFD Analysis, if you are interested in the wing’s technical specs.

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