LTA Approved Exhaust

List of LTA compliant exhaust systems (Singapore).

Date Published: 06 Jun 2013

For all our non-Singaporean friends, enthusiasts here in sunny Singapore enjoy certain freedoms in regard to aftermarket modifications/enhancements, with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) the main entity governing all matters pertaining to planning, operating, and maintaining of Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and system. Among that list of responsibilities, LTA also serves as the regulatory body for vehicular modifications, upgrades and related enhancements, with exhaust systems falling under their jurisdiction.

As stipulated in regulatory documentation, LTA defines the exhaust system as:

– Consisting of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and muffler.
– Is used as part of a vehicle’s exhaust emission control system to ensure that the exhaust emission meets our (Singapore) environmental requirements.
– Any modification(s) to the exhaust system would therefore require LTA’s approval.

LTA evaluation requirements:

– Certification from the product manufacturer stating that the proposed aftermarket exhaust system is suitable for the make and model of the vehicle.
– Certifications or test reports from LTA/NEA recognised test laboratories to prove that the aftermarket exhaust system when fitted to the vehicle on a per make and model basis complies with prevailing exhaust emission standards.

Vehicle owners found modifying or tampering with the exhaust system may face a Court fine of up to $1,000 or 3 months’ imprisonment upon conviction in Court.

Compiled below is a list of LTA approved exhaust systems here in Singapore. To the best of our knowledge, no media has attempted to create such a comprehensive list before.

*note: this list is created as a general guideline for compliancy matters, and can not be used as a legal document as proof of legality
*note: this list is in-complete, as not all brands/manufactures have agreed to be listed, and/or have not been updated
*note: this list will be maintained to the best of our abilities, and will be updated minimally on a quarterly basis (four times a year)

Please feel free to contact us if you know of more/other brands/manufacturers that have LTA approval exhaust systems/products (or if you are a dealer/shop/brand-manager, and wish to be added to the list)

For further details on prices, location of sales, and/or any other enquires, please contact the local dealers/shops/brand-managers (information provided below the list)























Brands Workshop/Distributor Contact
Bastuk Advanced Auto Werkz Tel: 6456 2112
TTE, Tom’s Alliance Auto Tel: 6546 2022
APEXI Apex Pac Co Tel: 6257 5977
BRABUS, Akrapovic, AC Schnitzer, Techart, ABT Sportsline, MS Design, Caractere, Projectzwo, Heico Sportiv Autovox Tel: 6475 5775
NAPEXX, Supersprint, Caractere Benzline Auto Tel: 6556 1188
BMW Performance BMW Group Asia
TRD Borneo Motor
Fox Exhaust BMS Motorsports Tel: 6483 1810
Bastuk CAG Auto Tel: 6841 1184
Invida Driven Performance Tel: 6744 4484
Spoon DWA Lubricants Tel: 6515 6282
Remus, Drift Racing, Fujitsubo, HKS, Bosal, Sebring, Mugen Fong Kim Exhaust Tel: 6844 4281/6743 7737
Kakimoto, TRUST Gan Motorsports Tel: 6753 4404
HKS, J’s Racing, Fox Exhaust, TANABE, Kakimoto Garage R Tel: 6453 9136
Kelleners Sport Georg Grotjahn Tel: 6292 1663
Novitec Hotwheels Motorsports Tel: 6297 6628
SuperSprint, TANABE, Advance Jeep Chee Tel: 6745 4700
ARQRAY, Bastuk Juzz It Up
Remus, Sebring Kingcrimson Marketing Tel: 6299 9239
Toda, 5ZIGEN, Powerhouse AMUSE Maximus Racing Tel: 6250 1198
SYMS, Corazon Motor Image Tel: 6417 0300
Oettinger Oettinger (S) Tel: 6483 6789
Jetex-Fortex, EISENMANN Opera Auto Technik Tel: 6367 5955

Kelleners Sport

Premium Automobiles

Race Flow International

Tel: 6566 1111

Tel: 6570 1683

Sunline Racing, YR-Advance SGCarstyling Tel: 9029 7497
Fujitsubo, MINES ST Powered Tel: 6282 0330
Porsche Stuttgart Auto
NISMO Tan Chong Motor
HIRSCH Trans Eurokars
EISENMANN Unicorn Motorsports Tel: 6352 0352
Porsche Works Performance Tel: 6842 4566
Jetex Yuan Man Yuan Trading Tel: 9845 7727


Last Updated: 26th November 2015
First Updated: 
10th June 2013